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Welcome to the Semantic Information Research Laboratory of the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California (USC), directed by Prof. Dennis McLeod.

Current and recent specific research thrusts include:

• Interconnection and alignment of semantic representations of various aspects of a problem domain; "semantic heterogeneity resolution" in federated databases

• Pattern and concept/topic discovery/mining in large datasets (including information streams of news, sensor data, etc.)

• Semantic information management for earthquake and geoscience research

• I4: Immersive, interactive, individualized information

• Subspace clustering of high dimensional data based on domain transformation

• Pattern search and query optimization in multi-dimensional data

• Approaches and mechanisms for analyzing genomic research data

• Clustering and mining of market data

• Spam mail filtering using an adaptive ontology

• Approaches and mechanisms for federating neurotherapeutics information

• The dynamic generation of user-customized multimedia presentations

• New metrics and approaches to responding to queries for information requests (e.g., stories, explanations), and for improving the accuracy of results

• Decision management applications (e.g. crisis response) and information structuring and filtering to support decision manager action and training

• Development of a general-purpose ontology-based manager and integration tool, compatible with emerging commercial standards

• Trust propagation and personalization on eBay

• The detection of intrusion into databases and information privacy

• Customization of user interactions with data intensive systems by modeling of user communication style, temperament, and preferences

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