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Jalal Kazemi

Scalable Processing of Spatial Queries, May 2016.

Jongeun Jun

Density-Based Searchspace-Limited Subspace Clustering, November 2013.

Jongwoo Lim

An Efficient Approach to Clustering Datasets with Mixed Type Attributes in Data Mining, September 2013.

Jinwoo Kim

A Statistical Ontology-Based Approach to Ranking for Multi-Word Search, February 2013.

Sang Su Lee

Tag-Based Search and Recommendation in Social Media, August 2011.

Dongwoo Won

An Efficient Approach to Categorizing Association Rules, August 2010.

Seongwook Youn

Spam E-mail Filtering via Global and User-Level Dynamic Ontologies, December 2009.

Vesile Evrim

Context Based Information Trust and Analysis, August 2009.

Farid Parvini

An Algorithmic Approach to Static and Dynamic Gesture Recognition, August 2009.

Leila Kaghazian

Complex Pattern Search In Sequential Data, August 2008.

Sangsoo Sung

Ontology-based Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Information Sources, May 2008.

Software Engineer, Google Inc.
Mountain View, CA

Anne Yun-An Chen

Semantics-Based Customization of Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web, May 2006.

Hyun Woong Shin

New metrics and approaches to responding to queries for information requests, December 2005.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Seokkyung Chung

Concept, Topic, and Pattern Discovery using Clustering, August 2005.

Applied Research Group
Yahoo! Inc., CA , 2005.

Cha-Hwa Lin

An Adaptive Temperament-based Information Filtering Method for User-Customized Selection and Presentation of On-line Communication, September 2002.

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Sun-Yat Sen University, Taiwan

Latifur Khan

Ontology-based Information Selection, August 2000.

Professor, University of Texas

Goksel Aslan

Semantic Heterogeneity Resolution in Federated Databases by Meta-Data Implantation and Stepwise Evolution, May 1999.

Jonghyun Kahng

Mediation of Information Sharing in Cooperative Federated Database Systems: Ontologies, Mediators, and Data Mining, December 1997.

Joachim Hammer

Resolving Semantic Heterogeneity in a Federation of Autonomous, Heterogeneous Database Systems, May 1994.

Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering,University of Florida.

Antonio Si

Resource Discovery in Federated Database Systems, May 1994.

Jia-Lin (Norman) Chen

A System for Object-Based Conceptual Schema Evolution, May 1994.

K. J. Byeon

A Unified Approach to Augmentable Schema Views and Versions for Object Databases, September 1993.

Professor, School of Information and Computer Engineering at Ajou University in Korea

Douglas Fang (passed away 2004)

Transparent Object Sharing in Federated Database Systems, August 1992.

Abdullah Al-Musa

A Behavior-Based Authorization Mechanism for Object-Oriented Databases, August 1992

Niki Pissinou

Time in Object Databases, November 1991.

Professor, Florida International University

I-Min (Amy) Chen

Derived Data Update in Semantic Databases, May 1989.

Qing Li

A Learning-Based Object-Oriented Framework for Conceptual Database Evolution, November 1988.

Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

K. V. Baparao

An Extensible Object-Oriented Framework for Engineering Design Databases, October 1986.

Hamideh Afsarmanesh

The 3DIS: An Extensible Object-Oriented Framework for Information Management, July 1985.

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Amsterdam

Rafiul Ahad

User-Assisted Design and Evolution of Physical Databases, April 1985.

Vice President of Development for Oracle's Mobile and Wireless Products

Peter Lyngbaek, (Passed away 1991)

Information Modeling and Sharing in Highly Autonomous Database Systems, August 1984.

Dennis Heimbigner

A Federated Architecture for Database Systems, August 1982.

Research Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Roger King

A Unified Model and Methodology for Logical Database Design and Evolution, May 1982.

Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

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