USC Viterbi - School of Engineering - Department of Computer Science CSCI 586 Database Systems Interoperability
Week/Date     Topics

Week 1       Introduction, Course Overview
Aug21/Aug23   - Dennis McLeod. [Introduction slides]

- Joachim Hammer, Dennis McLeod. An Approach to Resolving Semantic Heterogeneity in a Federation of Autonomous, Heterogeneous Database Systems. International Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems, 2(1): 51-83 (1993).

Week 2 and 3     Data Semantics, Ontologies, and the Semantic Web
Aug28/Aug30 and Sep4(holiday,no class)/Sep6

- Yolanda Gil. Interactive Knowledge Capture in the New Millennium: How the Semantic Web Changed Everything. Knowledge Engineering Review, 2011.
Presenter(s): Sachin Lohith (Monday) slides, Sahil Wadhwa (Wednesday) slides

- Stefan Decker, Sergey Melnik, Frank van Harmelen, Dieter Fensel, Michel C. A. Klein, Jeen Broekstra, Michael Erdmann, Ian Horrocks. The Semantic Web: the roles of XML and RDF. IEEE Internet Computing 4(5): 63-74 (2000).
Presenter(s): Georgios Lydakis (Monday) slides, Adarsh Rajanikanth (Wednesday) slides

- Discussion of the Semantic Web, Ontologies, Database Federation. and how these concepts relate (for Week 2 and 3)