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- Sangsoo Sung (now at Google) and Seokkyung Chung(now at Yahoo) along with Dennis McLeod, received a best paper award at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC). This conference had 1306 submissions. This paper can be found on this web site under Publications:
Sung, S., Chung, S., and McLeod, D., "Efficient Concept Clustering for Ontology Learning using an Event Life Cycle on the Web", Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Ceara, Brazil, March 2008.

- The Semantic Information Research Laboratory is part of the USC
Center for Knowledge Integration and Discovery (Dennis McLeod, Deputy Director and co-PI), 2007.

- Dennis McLeod was awarded The Certificate of Recognition from Nasa,
for his work on the Quakesim Project. The quakesim website is <here>.

- The Semantic Information Research Laboratory is highlighted in an IEEE
Prism new article on earthquake forecasting.

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