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- Current Research Foci -

• Interconnection and alignment of semantic representations of various aspects of a problem domain; "semantic heterogeneity resolution" in federated databases

• Pattern and concept/topic discovery/mining in large datasets (including information streams of news, sensor data, etc.)

• Semantic information management for earthquake and geoscience research

• I4: Immersive, interactive, individualized information

• Subspace clustering of high dimensional data based on domain transformation

• Pattern search and query optimization in multi-dimensional data

• Approaches and mechanisms for analyzing genomic research data

• Clustering and mining of market data

• Spam mail filtering using an adaptive ontology

• Approaches and mechanisms for federating neurotherapeutics information

• The dynamic generation of user-customized multimedia presentations

• New metrics and approaches to responding to queries for information requests (e.g., stories, explanations), and for improving the accuracy of results

• Decision management applications (e.g. crisis response) and information structuring and filtering to support decision manager action and training

• Development of a general-purpose ontology-based manager and integration tool, compatible with emerging commercial standards

• Trust propagation and personalization on eBay

• The detection of intrusion into databases and information privacy

• Customization of user interactions with data intensive systems by modeling of user communication style, temperament, and preferences

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